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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:  

Because God loves us, 

We worship God, 

We seek spiritual development and We evangelize the community.  


This was developed twenty-five years ago but still describes who we are. We believe everything we do should exemplify our vision for ministry.  


Because God loves us. We acknowledge God’s love for us as merciful, knowing no one has to prove their worth for this gift. 


We worship God. We currently hold a single traditional worship service that is lectionary cohesive and incorporates a lay reader from the congregation.  Our musical offering is exceptional and it is our belief that music is spiritually inspired and is worship in its own right. We are blessed with an organist and choir director who have each served fifty years in their roles.  Their combined vision of worship music helps our church live out one aspect of our vision for ministry.  Our service also includes the passing of the peace ritual in order to greet everyone attending and to make visitors welcome. This morning service is a moving one that should help us see God among us. The service is live-streamed by volunteers and we are always striving for improved production quality for this outreach.  We like good sermons and uplifting music and welcome all who want to attend.  


In the recent past, congregants were invited to write a short piece for the ePistle, our church newsletter.  A quote from Ervin said, “The people now and before have been a big influence in my life.  It is a warm and caring church”.  Judith remarked that she cherishes the close relationships she has had through the years with her fellow choir members, then added, “The church is my rock.  It is my breathing place.  It provides me with stability - in good times and bad.  It is a place where I feel at home, with a community of Christ worshippers…”  “The people have come and gone, the ministers have come and gone; but the church remains.  It continues coupling the service of old and new members along with ministers - to worship together in harmony and do good in our community.  


We seek spiritual development. Our efforts to develop our gifts include our children’s Sunday School program on Sunday mornings.  We host an adult bible study group that has met weekly for the last several years. This study, which is lectionary-based,  is led by a member of our congregation and is attended by both members and non-members.  Other successful offerings have been Lenten studies, prayer workshops, and a series on what Presbyterians believe that have aided personal and congregational spiritual growth.  We welcome the continuation of these in the future.    


We have nurtured spiritual growth by offering a youth group, children’s choir and VBS. Our bible school is shared with another congregation, and we host on alternating years. We celebrate and worship on the special church holidays of Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve. All programs and offerings are enhanced by fellowship activities throughout the year. 


We evangelize the community. Our evangelism is based on the belief that  actions are the most meaningful speech we have.  We host some community events yearly.  Fall finds our congregation preparing for the Presbyterian Bazaar, the proceeds of which are used for various causes that help people in our city or area.  We are blessed with individuals who can barbeque, and we sell pork loins and butts.  Members run a cafe where folks can order BBQ sandwiches and sides, then sit down at a table and enjoy visiting with one another.  Ladies of the church prepare frozen meals and bakery items which are sold in the very popular Bakery area.  We also include a flea market that remains popular every year.  


During early winter, we have two community events.  One is led by our choir director, who welcomes all who wish to gather on the courthouse steps and sing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.  It is called Hallelujah On the Square, it is lovely, and always well attended.  The second offering is a wonderful Christmas Eve service.  Choir members past and present, former music students of our director, and community members from various churches in Kennett, practice for two nights and then present a candlelight song service that is reverent and moving.  It has become a Christmas Eve tradition for our members and for many in our community.


Our congregation members are visible in the community as they serve on the Chamber of Commerce, United Way board, the Kennett Educational Foundation, various service clubs, Boy and Girl Scout leadership, the board for City Light, Gas and Water, and on the boards of several community banks. We support the Helping Hand, our local  Ministerial Alliance’s service agency.  

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